Cueva de Nerja


Have you plans for this weekend? Not yet. Adventure Sports Andalusia offers you caving at “Cueva de Nerja”, an unique opportunity to discover a wonderful underworld, here in Málaga.

La Cueva de Nerja, the most important speleological milestone
of our province and the second most visited monument of
Andalucía presents an unique opportunity thanks to
Cave of Nerja´s projects “Responsible Caving”.
Visiting the public galleries not opened for public visits.
Activity of Caving adventure, also known as speleology, this
activity is for more adventurous visitors and can be performed
by anyone who wants to do it, and fit the activity and level.
It consists of a sporting visit to sector called High Galleries (Alta)
and New Galleries (Galerías Nuevas). During the conduct
of this activity will visit the rooms of the Pillars
of Hercules (Columna de Hércules), Immensity (Inmensidad),
the Gallery of Levels (Galería de los Niveles) and the Spear´s
Gallery  among others, highlighting formations and especially the
evidence of ancient human inhabitants of the oldest Nerja´s Cave
known for our species.

On the appointed day they will welcome participants in the facilities that the Cueva de Nerja has designed for that
purpose. The team of specialists guides will inform behavioral standards and recommendations to follow during the
itinerary. Then be distributed to the participants the necessary equipment and materials. Before the visit, we will have
time for breakfast in the restaurant Cueva de Nerja. After an explanation of the itinerary offered by the Technical / Guides
and we will start the activity inside the cave. During the visit to the Upper Galleries (Galerías Altas) and New (Nueva)
of the Cave of Nerja, the guides will take over responsibility for security in the difficult steps, applying the necessary
measures to ensure safety. In areas of interest, be offered collective and personalized explanations. The estimated
duration of the activity is 5 hours. Back outside, you have time for personal hygiene. Caving equipment provided must
be returned to the guides. Finally, there will be an assessment survey experience.

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La Maroma Trekking


Next 31th March 2013, we have a new activity, La Maroma Trekking, in the Sierra Tejeda Natural Park rises one of Malaga province’s highest mountains, 2,000 m.
It´s called Malaga´s roof, although its summit, La Maroma,
belongs  to Granada province 2,065 m. above sea level.
In a tour that shows different landscapes of high mountains,
it’s possible to see the landscape changing, becoming a route
that goes from being medium or low mountain paths up
to high mountain treks.
Depending on the weather and time of year this trek may require
more complex equipment .It is a limestone area,
with continually changing ridges and cliffs.
iIt´s possible to discover its wonderful flora and fauna,
where you can see birds of prey and mountain goats (ibex).

Enjoy with this fantastic  trekking route to La Maroma, in Andalucia, Spain.

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