Environmental Trekking


Adventure Sports Andalusia, commitment to youth as the main protectors of our ecological heritage, hiking our environmental program aims to promote respect for the nature of a dynamic and educational.
“To respect one must know.”

Make available various activities in the natural environment to the young.
Publicize the nearby natural heritage.
Fostering in the Natural Environment.
Educate youngsters about the importance of protecting nature.
Know the different environmental impacts suffered by our natural environment.
Discover the flora, fauna, geology and ethnography.

Location: Axarquía
Duration: 4 hours (school hours).
Participants: Students from 7 to 18 years
Director: Alejandro Macias
Technical difficulty: Low
Physical difficulty: Medium-Low.

Guides / Monitors.
Materials for games and activities.
Accident Insurance and Liability.

It includes:
Transportation. (Check)

Comfortable clothing for physical activity. (Depending on time and weather permitting)
Hat, sunscreen.
Water and Food.
Proper footwear for walking in the mountains (hiking boots or athletic lace)
And most importantly, the desire to enjoy nature.