Amalia Muñoz Martín


Amalia Muñoz Martín

Educational Training

-  Teacher Primary School (Pure Sciences Branch).
- FP1 in Hospitality and Tourism.
- Courses Environmental Education in Protected Areas.
- Workshops in the Visitor Center Sedella.
- Technical Conference on the Tejo in the Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama Almijara and Sierra Tejeda.
- Zoological Days , Almijara and Alhama conferences promoting the Natural Park Brand.


- Coordinator of the Geological Conference, Geodiversity and  Botanical days of the Natural Park  Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara.
- Member of the working group of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism granted to Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.
- Athlete: mountaineer and caver for over 30 years.
- Days of Environmental Sensivilización and environmental education workshops.
- Floral art expert at the Center for Agricultural Research and Training in Malaga.
- Course of Floral Ornament for Christmas  and Major Events.
- Technical of Organic farming and  Management of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
- Marketing of organic products.
- Conference on Quality of organic food.

Work Experience

- Primary School teacher.
- Classes study techniques.
- Environmental instructor.
- Campaigns and logistics of caving camps.
- Vocal of Femma as artisan and advocate for sustainable tourism in the Axarquia (popular arts and customs of the area),
- Professor of Art courses FPO Floral and Gardening taught by the Malaga Provincial Council and COAG-Málaga. In order to promote rural development in municipalities.
- Floral Art Workshops for educational and therapeutic.
- Management training workshops medicinal and aromatic plants (extraction of essences, etc).
- Instructor of Diversification of rural economy.
- Instructor of gardening.
- Decorator Houses, Hotels, windows, etc..
- Manager in a rural accommodation
- Instructor of craft, both adults and children.
- Stand-decorator at trade shows.
- Restoration of furniture.
- Hostess in a Tourism Promotion Fair of Malaga Peoples. – Planning and decorating terraces and gardens.
- Decoration for all types of events.
- Design and planning with herbs, orchards and gardens.

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