Caving – Speleology Course / Beginners



This course aims to approach full caving, giving a broad view of caving as a sport-science, history, and an overview of the area through organization and history of caving.

The area of technical and material provide to the students knowledge of personal and collective material commonly used in caving, both from the point of view of its use as maintenance.

The student should be able, at the end of the course, to solve basic technical difficulties, ie:
-Differentiate the various technical difficulties that are in the path of a cavity.
Knowing the vertical progression techniques, differentiating the different facilities and performing all maneuvers necessary to progress through these facilities with ease and security.
Ascent and descent-rope.
Pas de subdivisions in ascent and descent.
Knot-step ascent and descent.
Descend by rappelling-guided.
Passage of diverters.
Knowing the different techniques of horizontal progression, apply with ease and security.

The area of Mapping and Surveying develop the necessary contents to interpret a topographic map and a map of a cavity differentiating different terrain features and knowing the specific symbology.

The Security area sports and Autosocorro provide students enough knowledge to properly plan the initiation level activities, with emphasis on the prevention of accidents and hazardous situations, know the “Do’s” and “don’ts” in unfavorable situations, accidents, incidents and risk.

The Natural Environment area will give students a general understanding of the subsurface environment through science interact therein: archeology, biology, climatology, ecology, geology. Emphasis will be placed on the causes of degradation of the underground, becoming aware of the importance of developing all the time and respectful civic activity with the same, and the importance of not manipulated in any archaeological or paleontological deposits that could found during sports, as well as the obligation to report his findings to the authorities.


Theoretical and practical classes.
Director: Alejandro Macias

Materials needed.
Accident Insurance.
R. C. insurance.
Certificate approved by the Andalucian Speleology Federation.
Transport activity zones.

Duration: 40 hours.