Climbing Walls

climbing-walls Our metal structures of great strength and easy assembly, allow us to form countless installations where adventure activities, our 3×3 towers 8 mtrs. tall base allow us to install our Relief panels that mimic the rock creating an authentic environment for development climbing activities.

Amenities for events aimed at all ages, we adapt the difficulty level according to user needs. End of Year Celebrations, Sporting Events, Classes, Team Building, Business Incentives, Promotional Events …

Assembly is done in about 3 hours, and then you just have to cheer up, guided by our instructors, participants can enjoy vertical routes which it offered by the climbing  wall, the descent is done directly on the lanyard maintained at all times subject to the participant thus provides great security level for the user. This model is the most economical because the activity is led by two instructors that allow two users simultaneously climbing.

In a similar characteristics tower , Guías del Sur offers the possibility of contracting the installation of a zip line, with its beginning at the top of the tower, is a challenge that does not go unnoticed. In this model of activity that takes place is a small circuit Adventure, Climbing and Zip line, this time the dynamic is organized with 4 instructors / monitors to ensure safety at all times. The dimensions of the zip line will depend on the needs of the event.

Linking two towers completely with our large suspension bridge will enjoy a great sports complex at major events and activities of some duration, where the activities that can be performed are varied, different climbing routes, hanging bridges and monkey Bridge, Rapel, Vertical Technicals and Zip line, Rapel Guidance, Ascension Scale … The number of instructors for this installation varies from 6 to 12, depending on the activities available, the number of participants is very high, allowing plenty of challenges and adventures in the same facilities. We have the ability to install a total of 5 towers of 3×3 or 3×1 Adventure and a total of 72 square meters scalable, plus more than 400 meters of rope for tours, safety and ziplines, also is available plus 150 square meters of paneled with Rack.

See any needs and offer advice on the installation that best suits your needs.
Duration: Minimum 5 hours
Participants: All ages
Technical difficulty: Low – Medium – Hard (we adapt to the customer)
Physical difficulty: Low-Medium


All installations include: Transfers climbing wall mounting equipment and materials required.
Participants: Helmet, harness, carabiners … Lanyards and progression All material is certified and specialized for the task they perform. Technical Management Activity. Guides / Instructors / Monitors Accident Insurance Liability Insurance Vehicle logistics

It includes:

Anything not included in the “includes”


We need to check that the site chosen for the installation is correct and sufficient space. The minimum for a tower is 6 x 6 meters, Any cable away from electricity and on flat ground and compact. To install the zip is interesting to have natural elements or artificial tie to ensure security for their strength, they must be willing linearly including one in front of the tower at the desired distance to the zip line and one behind no less 3 meters away from the tower. Vehicles used on numerous occasions as an anchor point, our or entity that hires us. All participants must meet the guidelines of the instructors and the best thing is to use a comfortable and sporty clothes, shoes and use sunscreen if the activity takes place in the hours outside in the sun.