Juan Ignacio Guerrero Claros

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Juan Ignacio Guerrero Claros ·


Proffesional Guide of Adventure Sports and Outdoor Activities in the Natural Environment (TECO).
Instructor of Sports: Caving and canyoning.
Building Technician and signaling pathways.
Course of Monographic  Karst Geology applied to Caving. (Spanish School of Speleology)
Mapping and Orientation Course. (Spanish High Mountain School).


Collaborator in Specific Teaching Training Cycle to TECO in IES Sierra de Mijas.


Over 10 years experience in Sports: Camping, Survival, Caving, Canyons, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountain, scuba diving, orientation, etc..
Guide in different Adventure travel Companies.
Technician Program Revitalization of the Mijas Town Hall trails.
Department Technical Adventures Nature Park Selwo.


Federated in: Mountain, Caving and Canyoning,
Responsible Sports Club activities Athenea Caving Group (Cañete la Real)