Juan Luis Castro Fernández

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Juan Luis Castro Fernández ·

Owner Partner of “Descubre Guías del Sur”.

Manager of “Descubre Guías del Sur”.


Industrial Engineer and Surveyor. (University of Malaga).
Specialist in Environmental Impact Assessment. (UPM).
Diploma in Life Skills and Movement in Nature. (University of Granada).
Master’s Degree in wilderness survival. (University of Granada).
Instructor of Sports: caving and canyoning.
Referee in caving and canyoning.
Proffesional guide of adventure sports and outdoor activities in the natural environment. (TECO)
Designer Technician of  pathways in the nature
Three star Diver Advanced Nitrox. (Fedas).


Professor of official courses of the Andalusian Federation of Speleology.
Collaborating in Teaching Training Cycle specific to TECO in IES Sierra de Mijas.
Director of Studies of the Andalusian School of caving and canyoning.


Over 20 years experience in Sports: Camping, Survival, Caving, Canyons, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountain, scuba diving, position, etc..


Federated in: Mountain, caving, canyoning, and diving.
President of Club Deportivo Athenea Caving Group (Cañete la Real).
Member of Technical Standards Committee for Active Tourism AEN / CTN 188 SC3.
Cave Rescue Logistic Coordinator of Andalucia Speleology Federation.
Panel Member of the National Sports Council for development of technical sports training in caving and canyoning