Multi Adventure Footpath


In close contact with nature, we will find a route where an environment full of curiosities, where the senses operate:
Smelling plants and flowers, listening to the birds and the breeze, touching the different textures. Dynamics and Games we approach the adventure feel.
Big Thrills, The Zip, help us to control our fears, to know them and learn from them, an important decision and FLY!
To have to pay attention marksmanship, archery, will help us to increase our focus and enjoy this prehistoric tool.

Location: Arco Calizo Central
Duration: 4 hours (school hours).
Participants: Students from 7 to 18 years
Director: Alejandro Macias
Technical difficulty: Adapted
Physical difficulty: Adapted

Technical / Monitors.
Zip line and materials.
Arches and materials.
Materials for games and activities.
Accident Insurance and Liability.

It includes:
Transportation. (Check)

Comfortable clothing for physical activity. (Depending on time and weather permitting)
Hat, sunscreen.
Water and Food.
Proper footwear for walking in the mountains (hiking boots or athletic lace)
Notebook and pencil.
And most importantly, the desire to enjoy nature.