Orienteering Course

A fun and educational charged in a natural close, enjoy the orientation, guided by maps and compasses have to find different markers to complete a journey full of curiosities, maps enhancing understanding, consensus and capacity for leadership in decision making, to finally achieve a goal, the beacons. Accompanied by expert guides the boys and girls discover aspects of ethnographic intone, flora, fauna, geology awareness framework.
“Do not miss, we have a map for you.”

Make accessible playgroups in the wild for the young.
Publicize the nearby natural heritage.
Fostering in the Natural Environment.
Educate youngsters about the importance of protecting nature.
Discover the basics of cartography, map and compass
Discover the world of Guidance.

Location: Outdoor Adventure Activity Centre “Cortijo Las Monjas” or  Outdoor Adventure Activity Centre “Cave of Nerja”.
Duration: 4 hours (school hours).
Participants: Students from 7 to 18 years
Director: Alejandro Macias
Technical difficulty: Low
Physical difficulty: Medium-Low.
Guides / Monitors.
Guidance materials, maps, compasses, beacons, control cards, data calculation computer, games and activities.
Accident Insurance and Liability.

It includes:
Transportation. (Check)
Comfortable clothing for physical activity. (Depending on time and weather).
Hat, sunscreen, rain jacket.
Backpack, Water and Food.
Proper footwear for walking in the mountains (hiking boots or athletic lace)