The Underground World


The underground world is lit in the eyes of the youngest to appear as an interesting environment where knowing the whys of Nature. Speleology is presented as a method to knowledge of the underground performing a sport full of excitement, adventure, experience and wisdom.

Discover the underground world of didactically.
Publicize the nearby underground heritage.
Fostering in the Natural Environment.
Educate youngsters about the importance of protecting the caves and their inhabitants.
Approaching karst geology and learn about the water cycle.

Location: Cave Nagüeles
Duration: 4 hours (school hours).
Participants: Students from 7 to 18 years
Director: Alejandro Macias
Technical difficulty: Low
Physical difficulty: Medium-Low.

Guides / Monitors.
Special materials, helmet, light, ropes, harnesses, etc..
Accident Insurance and Liability.

It includes:
Transportation. (Check)

Comfortable clothing for physical activity. (Depending on time and weather permitting)
Water and Food.
Proper footwear for walking in the mountains (hiking boots or athletic lace)
Clothing and footwear moves to after the activity.
And most importantly, the desire to enjoy nature.