What is Spelunking / Potholing Tourism ?


It is a technical sport (Adventure Sport) that lets you visit the underground world.

Caving /Speleology is tourism activity, recreational pastime of exploring wild, the scientific study of caves and the cave environment which allows to discover new species of insects, bacterias, underground rivers courses, minerals, and much more.
Due to, the caves is a world not accesible, in most of the cases to non experts persons, the cave has been an enviroment preserved during thousands of years from the changing outside world, keeping conditions and characteristic of temperature, humidity, life, which it has been keeping same structure from prehistoric times.

We have a big list of caves for all levels, doesn´t matter if never you have practised before this adventure sports , or if you are a profesional caver and just want to visit some of our greatest caves systems (doesn´t matter which challenges, you want). Our qualified team will guide your visit to any of our caves to show this wonderfull world which exist under our feet in our Andalucian limestones mountains.

Our Jewel in caves is Cave of Nerja, the non-public galleries of the Cave of Nerja. You will be supervised by a team of specialists in caving. Each visit is restricted to ten participants, not including the caving guides. “Espeleoturismo” takes place principally during the period from October to June. An excursion takes about five hours. The journey begins in the tourist entrance areas of the Luz Roja (Red Light), Sala de las Columnas de Hércules (Hall of the Pillars of Hercules), Sala de las Cabras (Hall of the Goats), 100, Sala de la Inmensidad (Hall of Inmensity), Sala de los Niveles (Hall of Levels), Sala  de la Lanza ( Hall of the Lance). From this area you can return directly to the Sala de la Inmensidad, 100, Colina, Luz Roja and tourist area. The Alta (High) and Nueva (New) galleries are impressive because of their size and spelunking them. The non-public area of the Cave of Nerja, It is a privilege and an experience you will find both unique and unforgettable.